7 Ways to Eat Unhealthy Food in a Healthy Manner

There is sad no getting around the fact that fast food, chips, and sweets are not a good choice for your health. They are full of salt, sugar, and fats which destroy any essential nutrients that may have been in the food in its whole form.
But do these kinds of foods taste good! we are taking a look at some surprising methods of eating unhealthy food in a better, way.

Make a Swap

Many of our favorite junk food can be substituted for other ingredients that are healthier but still delicious. When we crave some chips, it’s usually for the salty taste and the crunch.
Try to bake chips, popcorn, nuts, or even carrot sticks with a little bit of onion dip. To satisfy the sweet tooth, baking goodies can also be made with fruit especially applesauce instead of sugar.
Try to mix sweet chocolate chips, salted peanuts, and raisins for a delicious mix that can guarantee both sweetness and salty craving at once, while also you can provide vitamins and healthy fats.

Make It at Home

Homemade versions of our favorite junk food can be also satisfying with less of the bad stuff. Taking the French fries, for example.
A baked version of it is just crispy and delicious as the one from the street but it will save a lot of trans fats and allows you to control the level of salt in your food. And for the main reason, you can cook some burgers using some meat with a low amount of fat, usually 10%.
You can keep the burgers juicy by mixing some tomato sauce or pureed veggies with them before cooking.

Trim Meat Before Cooking

Red meat is very tasty but it contains a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol which can provide high blood pressure and heart disease.
To enjoy the red meat healthily, you can choose the small cuts of meat at the store, and when preparing them, preferably to trim any visible fat before cooking it.
On the other hand whit meat (chicken ), is a healthy choice overall that can be paired well with almost any flavor. However, preferably to remove the skin before cooking it to reduce the fat.

Change the Preparation Method

Foods that are baked in the oven always contain less fat than foods that are fried. Allow the fat to grill it in a pan an on a grill pan, or in the oven.
Another great option is braising, where you can cook your food in a liquid, usually veggies stock. It’s not necessary to add the cooking oil, and the result comes out super soft and juicy.
When you want to eat that salty snack, make your popcorn in an air popper instead of using hot oil.

Get Creative with Herbs and Spices

We add a lot of salt to boost the flavors in our dishes that we love, but there are tons of delicious spices that can do this job with almost no calories or sodium.
Playing around with flavors like garlic, oregano, paprika, cumin, curry, nutmeg, rosemary, all these spices can pump up the taste of your food without making your blood pressure high.
In fact, many herbs and spices are known for having health benefits that can serve a powerful anti-oxidants while delivering rich doses of vitamins and minerals.

Splurge in Moderation

Studies show that completely stop ourselves from foods that we crave can increase some stress levels and lead us to a binge later on when our resolve cracks.
You can also minimize the portions of the recommended serving size of chips or candies and then put the bag away, rather than eating from it.
Another good option is to get the fast-food burger, but first eating a salad on the side instead of fries, and skip the soda.

Give Yourself a Break

And finally, understand that we all go overboard sometimes. Everyone overeats on occasion.
Rather than beat yourself up about it, just revisit on target subsequent day. Add 20 minutes to your workout routine if you actually desire punishing yourself, but abandoning of any shame. Feeling bad about yourself can actually lead to depression.

With a few little changes, we can still enjoy junk food from time to time.
Better, with practicing and some creativity, a lot of unhealthy food can transform into a healthy one without sacrificing any of the good taste.